Thursday, July 16, 2009

Joelf's Peanut Buttercream Cake

Joelf finally caught up to Cookie and I and now we're all the same age. So we had to celebrate!

joelf and his birthday cake

July 11, 2009
Name of Cake: Peanut Butter Karaoke Cake!
Occasion: Joelf's 36th Birthday
Constituents: two 9 in rounds of RLB's chocolate butter cake filled and frosted with RLB's Peanut Buttercream

This is the third cream-cheese peanut butter cream I have made. The first one, for Joelf's 31st birthday, was too peanut buttery and not cream cheesy enough. The second time was for Jeremy's birthday last year and it wasn't peanut buttery enough. This time it was just right.

This recipe is from Rose Levy Beranbaum's new cookbook, Rose's Heavenly Cakes. It doesn't come out until September but breadbasketcase has an advanced copy and has been baking (and blogging) her way through the book. She posted this recipe when she used it to frost a spice cake. Reading BBC's Heavenly Cake Place blog has me chomping at the bit for this new book of Rose's!

joelf's birthday cake

Especially because this frosting is so good. It is rich, which I think is unavoidable with peanut buttery desserts, but it is also light, fluffy, and wonderfully creamy. Curiously, there are a few teaspoons of sour cream in the frosting. It seemed so little. I'm not sure how it contributed. This frosting is blended in a food processor which was so easy and took so little time I got all three batches made before the cakes were even halfway through baking. Nice! (I tripled the recipe to have enough to fill and frost the cake with about 2-2.5 cups leftover.)

Joelf, who has eaten all three frostings, proclaimed this version to be the winner. Hooray!

There isn't anything new to say about the cakes, as I have been baking this exact recipe for four years now and can practically do it in my sleep. I will say that as much as I experiment with other chocolate cake recipes I always come back to RLB's. There just isn't anything like it!

joelf's birthday cake

Joelf arranged a karaoke birthday party, which was unbelievably fun. There is a place in town called Voicebox, which has several private rooms for karaoke parties. Apparently this is how karaoke in done in Japan, and I find it much better than going to a bar and having to sing in front of total strangers who expect you to be able to actually sing. In a private room, the only people who have to listen to you are the people who already know that you can't sing. Plus, everybody picked such great songs that we all ended up singing and dancing along.

Excellent cake. Amazingly awesome party. Best friend and roommate ever!

joelf's birthday party!


  1. You've had a busy cake-baking month! They all look and sound fantastic!

  2. I liked the peanut buttercream frosting with the spice cake, but it might be trumped by this chocolate cake! It looks so delicious.

  3. Thanks Amanda!

    BBC, I am very intrigued with the idea of marrying a peanut buttercream with a spice cake, but chocolate and peanut butter are so classic! Thanks for sharing the recipe; it made my roommate happy!

  4. Happy late birthday wishes to Jolfe!
    The cake sounds mouth watering good.
    I love the sound of this peanut butter buttercream.
    (people pay me not to sing.)

  5. I mean Joelf...I goofed up your name spelling! So sorry!

  6. Melinda, hello! I hope your are enjoying your summer and that your body is getting excited about eating breads and cake again. The cake was very tasty and the frosting very excellent!
    People were polite enough to pretend to enjoy my singing, but we didn't do a proper Karaoke but rather a three-hour long sing-a-long. So I was often drowned out by everybody else.
    Joelfre' forgives you. For the first four years we were friends my parents called him things like "Jeffrey," "Joffrey," and "What's His Name Again?" My sister shortened his name to Joelf and it stuck.

  7. Wow what a beautiful moist looking cake. Peanut is probably one of favorite frosting flavors. Yum!

  8. I FINALLY made this cake, having wanted to since you posted about it last year. Mmmmmm. I used Rose's Chocolate Domingo Cake, and added Smitten Kitchen's Chocolate PB ganache. So delicious!! I might have to make it again soon.