Friday, January 02, 2009

Leftover Cake Excitement

December 22, 2008

Hello Cake Eaters,

Portland is blanketed under a foot or more of snow and nobody knows what to do about it. I have been spending a lot of time inside my apartment and wondering how I am going to drive out of here tomorrow. What I would give for a snow shovel!

Anyway, as I mentioned in the last post I saved the last layer of cake (a full layer, not split) for us to eat. I dug out some frozen vanilla buttercream for Annmarie's GF cake (more to come about her cake soon) and used it to frost the cake layer.

the leftover cake layer

I don't remember it being so when I made it, but the bourbon in the vanilla extract is very prevalent. It tastes as if I had made a bourbon-vanilla frosting on purpose. Which isn't bad, really.

I have discovered something really tasty about this cake: A quick nuke in the microwave (about 5-10 seconds) warms up the cake, bringing out the moist chocolaty flavor, softens the mini chocolate chips, and melts the frosting making a nice bourbon-vanilla sauce. Very lovely.

leftover cake


  1. Good nuking thinking! yum, yum.
    I feel like making bread. Are you ready? Shall we bug Marie for a recipe to do?

  2. Yes, let's make bread! I am excited for a completely new experience!