Friday, May 30, 2008

A Post I Started A Year Ago

The original name for this post was:

The Best Ganache in the World. Seriously.

But that was almost a year ago (06/08/07), and I just found it, languishing unpublished in my account. The only reason why I am bothering to publish it now, when I never finished the post, was because that ganache really was the best ganache in the world. Seriously.

Zetta invited the punkins over for dinner the other day and she told me two things about it.

1. Bring chocolate cupcakes.


June 17, 2007
Name of Cupcake: The Vehicle for the Ganache
Occasion: Punkins!!!!
Constituents: Chocolate Cupcakes with The Best Ganache in the World. Seriously.

I decided to get all fancy and shit and try a new chocolate cupcake recipe. I got it from The Cupcake Bakeshop (Sherryl Porro) who apparently got the original recipe from Clotilde at Chocolate and Zucchini. Sherryl's chocolate cupcakes look so good and chocolaty, and she talks of them having a slightly dry, cracked top, with a very intense, but not too sweet, chocolaty flavor and a moist cake inside. Her pictures of them always look SOOO yummy.

So I thought, why not try them for the punkins?

The recipe looked easy enough; you melt 62% dark chocolate over a double boiler with a bunch of butter, then you pull it off the heat and stir in the sugar. This you let sit while you get your dry ingredients measured out and ready. Then you beat into the chocolate mixture your eggs, one at a time, then you sift the dry ingredients over that, mix to incorporate, and pour into your cups and bake! No problem!


Well, the ECL baking mishap warped the process thusly:
1. Chopping chocolate takes forever.
2. Frozen butter takes much longer to melt, even if chopped into little cubes.
3. I am firing the silicone cupcake cups I bought a while ago, because
A) Silicone needs to be greased--that's a lot of greasing.
B) Silicone slows down the entry of heat which is good for cakes because it produces a level top for layering. Not so much fun for cupcakes.
C) Cleanup is not so much fun.

I don't remember exactly what happened with these cupcakes...I think they were dry and not very chocolaty at all. I must have blocked them from my memory. I do remember none of us liked the cupcakes...

...but everybody LOVED the ganache I frosted them with. I used RLB's raspberry ganache, which is the best food in the world, no contest. You add a goodly amount of Rose's raspberry puree to your ganache when you are mixing it up, and you get this slightly red, super amazing, sort of tangy, seriously chocolaty, heavenly, dreamy, orgasmically amazing raspberry ganache. The perfect mix of both tastes--neither the raspberry nor the chocolate overpower the ganache. Just a harmonious blend of both ingredients. I would eat Rose's raspberry ganache all day, every day. I'm not kidding. That recipe is worth buying the whole darn book for, even if you never made anything else in there.


  1. I agree this ganache is delicious!
    I love how you say you'd love to bathe in it!
    I think this ganache is perfect with RLB's sour cream yellow cake recipe.

  2. this ganache is perfect with everything!

  3. Now I'm confused. Where can the ganache recipe be found? I could use some chocolate-y raspberry goodness...

  4. yes, i agree you could, lovely voix. but *sigh* i'm not into publishing other people's recipes unless i change them somehow, or find them replicated all over the internet. this one was straight out of the cake bible. like i said, it's worth buying the book just for this recipe!
    (i have gone into book stores to copy down a recipe, without buying the book could do that!) (but don't tell anybody i've done that, okay?)