Monday, January 22, 2007

ECL Skips the Dough

apple crisp

Apple crisp is good. There's no pie dough to assemble, refrigerate, roll, refrigerate, look at, refrigerate, put together, refrigerate, bake, and etc.

I used Pink Lady apples which were getting a little mealy. I was worried they would mush out and be undesirable in the pie. But I worried for naught. They were tasty and not mushy. I left the skins on them, only because I didn't feel like peeling.

apples, macerating

I had some cinnamon issues. My roommate used it all up last week when she made an appley thingy and no one bought any more. I did find some cinnamon-sugar mix that I put together 3 years ago during a cinnamon toast craze. I used it, knowing I was adding even more sugar to the party. To compensate, I added a ton of cloves.

With the crumbly crispy crust, the recipe called for some toasted walnut halves, but I didn't have those. I did find in my freezer some leftover toasted walnut-graham cracker crust that I assume I made for a cheesecake...that's got nuts in it! I only needed 50 grams of nut, but there was maybe 65 grams in the tub, so I decided to dump it all in.

toasted walnut graham cracker crust

Since there was graham cracker in the nut stuff, I decided I didn't really need the flour the recipe called for. So, in place of the flour, I added an equal amount of finely ground almonds.

At this point of serious departure from the recipe I wondered why I was still bothering to make sure I had exactly 14 grams of butter for the topping, but I guess old habits die hard.

So how was the crazy made-up cripsy cumbly crisp?

Cracklin' good, Gromit!

apple crisp with ice cream!

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