Saturday, December 30, 2006

Pie in the Sky

One day at a friend's summer party I met a man who had been referred to as The Evil Pie Man. He was one of the hostess's best friends, and he was infamous for his decadent pies. He was dubbed Evil Pie Man because his pies were so good that they would entice you, no matter how long you had been dieting, no matter how much you had already eaten, to eat at least two pieces. And he would usually show up with several different pies. So doing the math, you knew if he was coming that you'd be eating at least four pieces of pie that night, if not more.

When I met him we hit it off right from the start. He was a very funny, very intelligent man which also meant that he was witty and clever. Plus, he was a lover of all things decadent and sumptous.

It was around this time that I started baking the RLB way, and as I needed places to bring my cakes, it became known that if I was showing up to a potluck you knew I was bringing cake. And so it became that Evil Pie Man would show up with his two or more pies and I would show up with my latest cake.

Hence I became the Evil Cake Lady.

Evil Pie Man decided at some point to "get healthy," which meant he wasn't going to supply cigarettes for me, the hostess, and himself to smoke in the backyard with our cocktails, and he stopped baking his delicious pies when he stopped eating sugar. Sigh. A little less decadent, but still the same caring, witty, delightful individual.

Evil Pie Man passed away in his sleep the other night, and I will miss his company at our friend's gatherings from now on. To his family and friends, I wish you ease of heart and a gentle healing. And to The Evil Pie Man, I wish you a safe journey back home. You will be missed.

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