Thursday, November 16, 2006

ECL Makes Toffee

(11/13) (Thinking to self) I better make the toffee NOW if my client is going to be induced on Wednesday night. I'll probably be at the birth from Thursday until Friday, and there goes all the days I set aside for baking. Okay, I'll make the toffee now.

(Adds 1 tbsp corn syrup and 1 cup sugar to saucepan with 3/4 cup heavy cream) I think I have time to make toffee. What if the toffee comes out wrong and I have to do it over? What will I do with the old toffee? What if I burn it? How dark do I want it? How long will this take?

(Standing over stove watching mixture start to boil in saucepan) Okay now I'm not supposed to touch it until it boils down to a nutty brown color. I think I turned the heat down too early, do you think I turned the heat down too early? Maybe I turned the heat down too early. Will that be a problem? I bet it will just take longer to caramelize that's all.

(Leaning on the stove, watching the mixture continue to boil down in the saucepan) Is it starting the caramelize? I think I see a little bit of a tawny color. I am waiting for a nutty brown color. I can't let it get too dark 'cause then it will burn. I wonder if the difference between toffee and soft caramel is the fact that you boil down the cream with the sugar in toffee and you add the cream to the caramelized sugar when making soft caramel or caramel sauce. I wonder who came up with that idea. Was it just a mistake that someone made and it turned out to be tasty? How that that all happen? Which came first, toffee or caramel?

(Leaning on stove, watching mixture start to caramelize) I think we are getting close now, the toffee is looking like it is getting done. Is that a nutty brown color? I think it could be darker. What if it doesn't harden right? Am I going to have to use a Skor bar instead if this doesn't come out right? Maybe I don't really need the toffee for this cake. I keep thinking that coffee and toffee are great complimentary flavors, but what if they are not? Maybe if the toffee comes out sticky then I won't use toffee at all. But I like the idea of something a little crunchy in there....could use toasted nuts. Hmm, I could do that. Is that a nutty brown color? I think it is a nutty brown color. At least it looks like a caramelly color. Maybe I should pull it off now and if it isn't dark enough I can just make another batch. No problem. I'm going to pull it off now.

(Pouring the toffee out onto a silicone liner) Maybe the toffee is too light; is that a nutty brown color? Oh well, I can just make more if I need to. Now I'm supposed to leave it alone to harden. How long will it take to harden? Is that a nutty brown color?

(Next day, breaking up the toffee) Is this really a nutty brown color? *Snap* wow this toffee seems like it hardened all right! *snap* oohh this is fun! *snap* let's try a piece and see how it is... *chew* oh. it is sticky. it's stuck to my teeth. but the flavor is good! *bend* hey this part isn't snapping off at all. it just bends like a big sheet of soft caramel. *chew* how'd that happen? *snap* it snaps off over this part thicker? it isn't--but then why will some of the toffee snap and the rest just bend? *chew* did I need to caramelize it more? Maybe this isn't a nutty brown color. Oh well, it still tastes good, but I'm not sure its going on the cake. *picking teeth*

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