Monday, September 18, 2006

Hold On, Little Ones

just you wait. the clinic is throwing another damn party this friday and guess who's in charge of the baking?

i still haven't figured out what i'll be baking up, but i decided on cupcakes yet again, as it is easy to make a ton of them at once and they are easy to serve and they are the "it" food of the decade.


from Chockylit:
    chocolate-cherry cupcakes with whipped cream or vanilla buttercream or cream cheese frosting
    vietnamese coffee cupcakes with some sort of creamy frosting

from my own head:
    pumpkin-pecan cupcakes with maple buttercream
    zucchini cupcakes with cream cheese frosting
    cinnamon cupcakes with coffee frosting
    vanilla cupcakes with chocolate or vanilla frosting
    chocolate cupcakes with vanilla or chocolate frosting
    banana cupcakes with sour cream ganache
    gingerbread cupcakes with chestnut buttercream

don't bother getting in your votes. by the time i wake up tomorrow, i'll have it figured out. just thought i'd create a little anticipation around here.


talk to you soon.


  1. Can I come over and eat some of the frosting from the bowl?

  2. sure, but i may put you to work!